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DVD to iPad converter Software Released

E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter

DVD to iPad converter, brilliant, superior and user-oriented software meets your desires in all directions. E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter distinguishes itself from other software alike by its user-friendly interface and all-in-one multifunction design.

E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter, we created it only for you.

We developed this software to solve the problem most iPad owners may encounter: is there something can bring most fun at the least time-consuming? Is there a way we can enjoy the fun, but escape the omission tips of how to use it? E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter might give you the answer 'Yes'. Download a DVD to iPad converter, start a new era of iPad entertainment. It enables you to convert all types of DVD to iPad format. Don't let your iPad wait long for this video feast. Since it carries our design criteria of 'easy, effective and user-oriented', E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter was created user-friendly, easy to use, short conversion duration and containing all functions its users may imagine having.

Great quality of the conversion output is the best news for video lovers.

E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter enables you to keep the high quality of DVD during conversion to iPad format. The converted video quality will be flawless playing on iPad screen and almost the same as the DVD formats. With its help, people can enjoy high quality films by iPad on any occasions. Unavoidable trips in daily life will no longer annoy our users. Rather, these trips with iPad will give them opportunities to relax and prepare them for challenges in life.

Multifunction, meet your needs in all directions.

These sweet functions was create to give users the best output results according to their individual requirements by setting a lot relative parameters to control the output. For example, besides options of the quality, the whole output size and the size of each output files; we even give higher quality conversion a higher conversion speed to balance the requirements of speed and quality. DVD to iPad converter also gives you options to subtitle in converted video. Different languages are available, which makes this DVD to iPad converter a global star. Pro version users can choose to transfer to iPad directly in conversion. E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter has this parameter to save the transferring time from PC to iPad for its users.

Easy, conversion finished in a few clicks.

We are cognizant of that a lot of people are just too busy to look through those conversion parameters. There is always a choice for those people, which called default. If you don't want to make any choice, we will not disappoint your trust and bring you an output most people will accept. If you choose to default, you only need to follow the simple steps below: Install the software and run it; Insert DVD disc to DVD room; Set the output path; Click the button 'load' and then the button 'convert'; Conversion finished.

E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter, a gift from us.

E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter is easy, effective software, perfect suitable for iPad users. The STD version is always free to download. Welcome to try our DVD to iPad converter. We will be grateful if you give us any feedback.