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User guide of E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter


1. Download and install E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter

2. Purchase of E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter

3. Activation and update DVD to iPad converter Software

4. How to make a conversion with particular requirements

5. Transfer MP4 Files from PC to iPad by itunes

6. Uninstall of DVD to iPad converter

7. FAQ of E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter

8. Four ways watch movies in your iPad

1. Download and install E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter

load in , click the button

Chose the download output path. Open the file dvdtoipadconverter.exe, start the installation.

You should select a language at the begining.



Read through this License Agreement, if you don't have any questions, please click 'I Agree' marked above, and entring into the next interface to choose a install folder.

install path

Choose a destination folder to install in. And click 'install' marked above. Then you get the interface below:


You need wait a few seconds while installation is undergoing.

After the waiting, you'll get this:

install finished

Successful installation is finished.

2. Purchase of E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter

If you run DVD to iPad converter right after the installation, you will get this interface to help you to purchase the Pro version.


You can purchase Pro version here, or you can click another button to enter into the STD version. Welcome to try this DVD to iPad converter before purchasing Pro version.

On the interface of STD version, you can click 'purchase' icon as marked below to finish your purchase of Pro version.

purchase in std version

3. Activation and update DVD to iPad Software

If you have purchased the PRO version, you should remember the registration name and the SN you have got from us. Run your STD version, click the 'activate' marked below.

activation icon

You will get the interface like this.


Just tap in your registration name and copy in the SN you've got at where marked in the picture above. After you choose 'Activation Now', there will be a reminder that you should restart this software.


Click Y, wait a few seconds, the software will be auto started. You will notice the slight different between the STD version and Pro version like marked in the two pictures below.


after activation


E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter will inform you if there are any update news. If you need to update, just follow the informing interface, download packages at pointed place, and then install them.

4. How to make a conversion with particular requirements

First step: run DVD to iPad converter, insert DVD disc into DVD room.

Second step: click the 'Load' icons marked below.



Then you get your DVD disc showed on the interface below.

There are some differences in 'Load DVD' and 'Load IFO'. The former will show all the IFO files which record the number of titles and chapters, record where pieces of video begins and how long it will play. The latter will only show the specified single IFO file.

show chapter

Click where marked above to show chapters, than you can choose to play or convert specified chapters.

There are some parameters options on the right side of the interface, which controls the quality and size of output.


Click marked part above. There are some output parameters offering as below.


H264 have smaller output size than MPEG-4. And they both have two quality level at least: Excellent and Normal. For 1280*720 screen, there is third option: Min, which have lower quality then former two options. About the conversion speed, we have special design, if you choose MPGE-4, the larger output size, you'll get higher conversion speed, which to balance the output size and the conversion speed.

There are input controls too. Just as marked below, you can choose the audio input and the subtitle input. This is very useful option for bilingual videos or videos have more than one subtitiles languages. You can input the audio and subtitle you need. If you need no subtitle, just chose No subtitle as below.


To make sure you get the right segment and video quality, after the conversion parameters setting, you can click 'Play' marked below to preview the output files.



output folder

On this part of interface, there are options for output saving. As marked above, 'Open' help you scrutinizing file folders in your PC to choose a suitable place to save the output. the icon next to Open is to decide where to place the output.

You can choose to save the output as a new file by each title or each chapter.

'Set Split Size' is to help you contral the size of each output files. Just click it, and you'll get this interface.


Tick this option, and set the size you want. Finally 'save option' you just made.

There are some sweet options below, just tick it if you want. You can choose to transport MP4 files to iPad directly while conversion is undergoing.

After these settings, conversion will start by click the icon 'Convert Now' as marked below.

convert now

5. Transfer MP4 videos from computer to iPad by itunes

First, you should download and stall itunes both on PC and iPad.

Second, connect your iPad to PC. Run itunes on PC. You'll get interface like below.


Third: add file to library.


Then you can find it in your itunes library of PC


Last step you should do: move this file from library of PC to the iPad device which marked left of the interface above.

Uninstall of DVD to iPad converter

click 'Start' of your PC, choose 'program' and then 'DVD to iPad converter', make the option uninstall. You'll get this interface:


If you really want to uninstall DVD to iPad converter, click 'Uninstall' marked above. You'll simply finish uninstall in a few seconds.


While waiting for uninstall finished, you have time to give us some feedback. We will be gratefull if you do this for us. And we will create more perfect software for you.


install finished

We have other products. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask.

6. FAQ of DVD to iPad converter

Q: How to remove subtitles?

A:Choose 'No subtitle' in the option of 'input-subtitle' before conversion begins. You should choose the DVD by title.

no subtitlechoose title

Q: How do I upload a video with the best options to view on my IPAD?

A: If you don't have particular requirments, you can just choose default, connect your iPad to PC, tick transport MP4 files to iPad directly, convert without setting these parameters. If you need higher quality, choose 'excellent'. If you need smaller output size, choose H264.

Q: Do I load every file from the DVD?

A: Yes, DVD to iPad converter can recognize all DVD files by DVD Load.

Q: Do I have to convert all the DVD files loaded?

A: No, you don't have to. Show chapter of DVD, and you can tick off the specifed chapters you don't want to convert.

show chapter

Q: What can I do to split the output files to specified size?

A: Click the 'Set Split Size', then tap in the size you need, finally 'save option'.


Q: Why do you provide many resolution options? Is this just for file size? If yes what is the differences, seriously you guys need to provide some user manual which outlines the best ways to use the software, so far I have converted 2 videos and they are not acceptable.

A: We provide these resolution options to make sure you get the output you want, larger resolution means not only larger file size, but also greater video effect. Follow the guidance of DVD to iPad converter, you will get perfect output files you wanted.

Q: How should I set if I want the clearest and perfect video effect?

A: You should choose higher resolution and excellent quality.