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How to convert DVD to iPad/iTunes by Free Software?

1. Download DVD to iPad Converter Software from E-Zsoft website.

2. Run executable file DVDtoiPadConverter.exe to begin installation, you will see "E-Zsoft DVD to iPad Converter" logo in the desktop after successful installation.

DVD to iPad

3. Double click "E-Zsoft DVD to iPad Converter" icon to run it, following is main screen capture.

DVD to iPad Converter

4. Connect your iPad Device to computer, Please first sure that you have already install Apple iTunes software, if you haven't install iTunes, please download iTunes from here and install it. the detail of iTunes installation please read Apple iTunes install document.

5. Choose a DVD disc and put it into DVD ROOM. Make sure close all running DVD player software.

6. Now we just click the 'Load DVD' button to attach DVD to conversion software. all DVD Chapter and title will be loaded. you just check the wanted chapters or titles, kick out needless.

DVD to iPad

7. Choose conversion profile.

  •  If you wanna get high quality video you just choose "Excellent". if you wanna get small output files and never mind the video/picture quality you just select "Min" quality.
  •  The screen size of "iPad Nano/iPad Classic" is 320*240. iPad Touch is 480*320.
  •  The output file size of H264 codec is small than MPEG-4, but conversion speed of H264 format is slow than MPEG-4. You just select conversion parameter according to your requirement.
  •  You could set different conversion profile for different Titles. also you needs set correct converter profile for all titles.
  •  Default is "iPad (320*240) MPEG-4 Excellent" profile.

8. Now let us begin change subtitle and input audio. mostly, every DVD movies provide muti-subtile and multi-input audio with you selection. default, e-zsoft DVD to iPad Converter Software set English Language as default subtitle. if you wanna remove subtitle you just choose 'No subtile' for specify titles.

DVD subtitle

9. Analogically, you can change Audio input for each title.

input audio

10. Change ouput directory position. you must make sure that the DISC Free Space is enough. the default ouput directory is : c:\e-zsoft

output folder

11. The option of 'output file' help us split output files. "Save as new file by each chapter" means that split the output files by chapter, each chapter will generate a new ouput file. "Save as new file by each title " means that split the output files by title, each title will generate a new ouput file. "all-in-one" means that all titles and chapters will save as a new file. we recommend you choose "all-in-one" profile

output file

12. "Transport MP4 files to iPad Directly" means that E-Zsoft DVD to iPad Converter will transfer and copy converted files to iPad/iTunes directly automatically. if you are junior customer we recommend you check it.
For senior customer can manually copy output mp4 files to iTunes, go to ouput folder, drag the converted mp4 files and drop it to the iTunes node of iPad->Movie, iTunes will finish copy mp4 files automatically

transfer to iPad directly

13. "Cover existing files" option tell Converter whether cover exsiting files, if check it converter will auto remove exiting files and generate a new one. otherwise converter will auto generate a unique file name to save.

cover exsiting

14. "Shutdown windows after conversion" option means that DVD to iPad Converter will auto shutdown windows when conversion successfully finished.

shutdown windows

15. "Open output folder after conversion" option means that DVD to iPad Converter will auto open dest output folder when conversion successfully finished.

open output folder

16. After config all conversion setting, you just click 'Convert Now!' button, DVD to iPad Converter will begin convert DVD.

Converting DVD Movie

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