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Four ways to watch movies in your iPad

Movies in iPad can bring great fun to iPad users. But the first problem these users meet is how to watch movies in iPad. There are so many movie formats around, conversions to the only format available in iPad is necessary. Nowadays, there are four ways to watch movies in iPad, which Ill introduce below.

First Way: Enjoy movies in iPad after converting them from DVD to MP4 and transfering to iPad.

First, besides watch movies in the theatre, we usually buy DVD discs of movies. If you want to enjoy your DVD collections in iPad, you need a converter to realize the conversion from DVD format to MP4.

E-Zsoft DVD to iPad converter is easy to use and multifunctional software. User-friendly interface makes E-Zsoft popular and help it stand out from other DVD to iPad converters. There are pictures below to show you how it works.

Installing interface


Main conversion interface


Introductions of main interface of DVD to iPad converter

After inserting DVD disc into DVD room, click 'load DVD' or 'Load IFO' as the picture below showing to load files into DVD to iPad converter. And click the icon 'show chapter' as marked above to show details of the DVD files.

load D

Options of conversion parameters are on the right. You can regulate the 'Profile' and the 'Input' to control the size and quality of output files, and choose the suitable subtitle or no subtitle.

parameter D


In the down left corner, there are four choices you can tick out or tick off.


Second Way: iPad Video Converter Software help converting movies from other popular video formats like WMV,AVI,RMVB/RM etc

Second, we also buy movies on internet. Formats of Movie on line are diversified. Before enjoy them in iPad, you need a format conversion. IPad video converter is software design to handle this kind of conversions. It can fulfill the conversion from almost all of other video formats on internet to MP4 format.

E-Zsoft iPad video converter has the same design style of interface with DVD to iPad converter. Follow the instructions of interfaces to finish the installation.

Installing interface


The main interface of iPad video converter is simple, like the picture showed below. You can add files by click the icon add files, or just drag and drop video files to the blank place middle of the left. At last, click the icon convert to start a conversion.

Main conversion interface


Before conversions start, there are parameters you may want to make options. As picture showed below, there are different resolutions and output video formats. H264 and MPEG-4 relate to the size and quality of output video. Read the description, choose the parameter you need.


E-Zsoft research and develop team work very hard to improve their products. If there is a upgrade, users will be notified as below.


Third Way: Conversions from all other formats to iPad format make all kinds of movies available in your iPad.

Third, you are absolutely video lovers. You want movies from both channels mentioned above. There is also software developed for you. IPad converter suite combines the functions of DVD to iPad converter and iPad video converter, perfect suitable for those iPad users really into movies.

E-Zsoft iPad converter suite combine the functions of two software mentioned above without combine the prices. That means a discount of E-Zsoft iPad converter suite, save nearly $20 for users, which is nearly 2/3 of the price of DVD to iPad converter.

Download iPad converter suite and click the setup file to start installation.



If there is new version to upgrade, users will be notified.


As mentioned above, E-Zsoft iPad converter suite is software combination of iPad video converter and DVD to iPad converter. There are three icons on the left of main interface of iPad converter suite, DVD converter, Video converter, Quit. Click the icon DVD converter, the full function of DVD to iPad converter will be supplied. Click the icon Video Converter, and make a conversion from other video formats to MP4.


The interfaces after click 'DVD Converter' and 'Video Converter' are exactly the same as the main conversion interfaces of DVD to iPad converter and iPad video converter. So I'll save the introductions of those interfaces.

Last way: How to enable your iPad to play exciting flashes?

Last, downloading flash and enjoying flash in iPad is sort of some iPad users dream. Because run of flash highly occupy resources of system, iPad wasnt designed to support flash playing for maintaining operation fluency and longer battery continuous time. If you really want to download and enjoy flash in iPad, you also need a conversion. Youtube downloader can help you that.

E-Zsoft have developed mini versions of Youtube downloader. E-Zsoft Youtube downloader has cute and small interface suitable for people who love delicate and simple stuffs.

If you need to download some flash, run E-Zsoft Youtube downloader, move your mouse pointer to top left of the flash, click the icon 'Download', name the file and pick a save path. Youtube downloader also supports split of the output files.


Set the output path and rename the output files if you want to. Then chose the conversion parameter to control the quality and size of the output MP4 files. After the setting or chosing to default, you can begin download.


Now we back to the main download interface as showed below. Click the button top left, get the picture below showing downloading list.

min downloading

Click the button down left to switch to history list. You can check the files already downloaded.

min version

PC to iPad

Except youtube downloader, other E-Zsoft converter can transfer MP4 files to iPad directly. But sometimes, users prefer to save conversion output files in PC at first. In this case, if you want to watch movies in iPad, there is final step needed-transfer files from PC to iPad. Usually itunes can help you with that.

add to library

to ipad

Four ways to watch movies in your iPad as mentioned above include conversions almost all other formats to iPad format. Find the movie you love to watch, you don't need to worry about the format conversion. As we introduced above, there is always a way to put the movie into iPad available. Enjoy movies in iPad, have a great time with your iPad!