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iPod Transfer iPod to Computer

iPod Transfer - Key Features

  • Transfer music, photos, videos from iPod/iPhone/iPad to PC.
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad transfer all in one, best news for Apple fans.
  • Capable of syncing playlists from iPad to iTunes, regulate iTunes library basing on iPod.
  • Save files all in one or by specified album and artist, transfer whatever you want and arrange them in order.
  • User-friendly and fairness interfaces makes the transfer process easy and interesting.
  • Highest transfer speed without losing any quality of audio and video files, transfer with excellent performance.
  • Clear playlist and file search ability enable you to find the file you want in the least time.
  • Support all types of iPod, iPhone and iPad, including iPhone1,iPhone3, iPhone3gs, iPhone4, iPad1, iPad2 and all iPod generations, such as iPod touch and iPod classic.
  • Support all operating system, including window7/Vista/XP/2000/9X etc.
  • Support 64 bits windows system.
  • Taking TV shows on iPod/iPad/iPhone to a bigger screen--- enjoying them by computers is another alternative choice.
  • Copy your favorite podcasts and iTunes U files purchased or downloaded in iTunes shop from iPod/iPad/iPhone to PC.
  • Support Media sharing, which ensure you get full control of the files transfered.
  • Support all IOS devices, for it compatible to all Apple devices.
  • Free to download, nothing to lose.
  • No adware/spyware/virus guarantee.
  • 24 hours online technic and service support.
  • Life time upgrade for free.

iPad transfer Overview

iPad transfer is a transfer tool like iTunes but it can do things iTunes can't - transfer files from iPad to PC. It was designed with user-oriented idea by experts in Apple-related area. Since it was created for users's needs, iPad transfer benefits users by giving clear and easy interfaces, stable performance, high transfer speed, convenience multifunction, effective feedback system and compatibility with all operating system.

iPad transfer, copy files from iPad to PC.

As we all know, iTunes can works as a transfer tool from PC to iPad. But it fails to transfer files from iPad to PC, iPad transfer was designed to handle that problem. Only having both iTunes and iPad transfer, iPad users can build the full connection between iPad and PC.

Free to share the resources between your and your friend's iPad with help from iPad transfer.

Have you ever thought about copy your friend's new bought film to your own iPad? Have you ever admired your friend's playlist and wanted an exactly same one? If you try without iPad transfer, I'm afraid the result is disappointing, because without the help of iPad transfer, you just can't copy music and videos from iPad to PC, don't ever mention from iPad to iPad. But combining iPad transfer and iTunes, you can easily copy any resources from one to another iPad by copy resources to PC at first.

Protect your precious photos, music, videos and EBooks by placing copies in your PC.

The capability of transferring the date in and out is important for every electronic product. The date inside those full-connected devices can be saved as a copy at other places for safe. Without iPad transfer, you can't get a copy of playlist of your iPad. And if something bad happened to your iPad, your collections on iPad will be lost and maybe nowhere to find it back.

Transfer learning materials downloaded from iTunesU from iPad to PC.

Nowadays, professors and teachers are more likely placing their lecture materials on blogs or iTunesU for students to download and study. There may be plenty of study materials in your iPad, but when you need to finish your paper, a great chance that you need these materials in PC, iPad transfer can help you with that.

Speedy and easy to use, ensure everyone having an excellent experience with iPad transfer.

Some iPad users may not be good at these electronic products, feel bad about complicate procedures. Designers of iPad transfer have considered about the needs of all users to make sure the interfaces easy to understand, all functions fulfilled by least steps and highest speed, even untrained user can handle this software without difficulties.

High effective feedback system let us know what you need.

E-Zsoft places great effort on feedback system, values feedback information from customers and always appropriately replies to them. This system enable developers clearly understanding users's desires, and ensure users of E-Zsoft be heard and well served. iPad transfer was created for you and would always be improved for you.

iPad transfer, created by a team supported by millions of users, recommended by numberless authoritative software websites and magazines, definitely worth your trust.

E-Zsoft corporate has worked in Apple-related area for years. Products of E-Zsoft were born by Apple's side, and grew up with Apple. We know apple better than anyone else in this area. Supported by millions of Apple users, E-Zsoft products are recommended as top-rated by plenty of magazines and websites.

  • Support Device List

    • Device iPod shuffle iPod Nano iPod

  • iPad Transfer - Screenshot

    • iPod Transfer STD Version iPod Transfer Pro version No iPod Device Exporting music from ipod to computer
      STD Pro No Device Exporting
  • Download iPad Transfer Software

    • Size:                  2.1 M
      Version:           4.0
      Platforms:       Win 7/Vista/XP/2000/98
      Release Date: September 08, 2011
  • Free Download Now!Vista Compatible
  • HOWTO transfer Audio/Video from iPad to your computer?

    • To use iPad transfer is very easy. you only take few steps to finish copy music and video from Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad and transfer to computer
    • Connect your iPad device to your computer
    • Run iPad to Computer Transfer Standard or Pro version
    • Select music via playlist or search
    • Click on the export button, select a output path to transfer
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