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iPhone Ringtone Maker Software Released

IPhone Ringtone Maker

IPhone is the star of the year. People rush to it, own it, and love it. That happens to IPhone ringtone maker, too. It gives fun to IPhone owner, make their IPhone show more personality, and offer a way to show their taste of music to people around. IPhone ringtone maker, make yourself star of the year. If you want to customize your own IPhone ringtone, the IPhone ringtone maker is the ultimate solution. IPhone ringtone maker is multifunction software. IPhone ringtone maker can convert other formats of audit and video files to the formats can be used in IPhone, that is a very useful function for most of iPhone owner who always want to make their iPhones as fun as possible, how frustration will you be when your favorite video and music are unavailable just because they are in the wrong formats. With iPhone ringtone maker, there's no longer a problem. IPhone ringtone maker also can help you to compose your own unique ringtones on the music line, even if you don't know a lot of about music. This is the sweetest function the iPhone ringtone maker have, it fulfill a secret dream of some people who want to own their own music, but without a music talent or without the chance to develop this talent. You can compose the music you want now, with the help of iPhone ringtone maker. IPhone ringtone maker can extract the music from other formats of video, and automatically convert them into the form can be used in IPhone, and these fantastic music can be heard when other people call you. If you love some video, TV show and its music so much, you can convert it to your own ringtone, when it rings, it announce to the world for you 'I'm a fan of that'. It's a time people eager to develop their individual characteristics, people think differently from others, talk differently from others, and use the items which can suitable portrait their identity to distinguish themselves from others. IPhone is a beautiful thing of our time. It is attractive to people who chase beauty, hope, and a higher quality of life. If you own your iPhone, why not own the iPhone ringtone maker to make your iPhone perfect to yourself?

There are some reasons we use iPhone ringtone maker.

1. IPhone ringtone maker is fun, easy to use. You stop buying ringtones, and create ringtones by yourself. It saves your money and gives you more pleasure.
2. IPhone ringtone maker acts quickly, you can simply load a song and create a ringtone in less than 30 seconds.
3. When your favorite singer release a new song, you like it and eager to get it as your ringtone as soon as possible, but it is not available as a ringtone yet, then you need help from IPhone ringtone maker.
4. When you find some sound particularly makes you alert, you can record it, and customize it as your IPhone's alarm clock sound by using the IPhone ringtone maker. It may useful for those people who always have problems getting up from bed in the morning, right?
5. Some people are special to you, so you probably want the ringtones of their calls special too. They deserve that. And iPhone ringtone maker can help you that. If you want to, you can assign many unique ringtones for those special people on your contact list, than you know who is calling when you hear the special ringtone.
6. At last, the most important reason I think, IPhone ringtone maker has intuitive interface and is very easy to use. Right click the file(s) you'd like to make a ringtone, chose "create a ringtone", and within 30 seconds you can create a ringtone for your IPhone. Then press 'send ringtone to IPhone', and you are done. Use it, fun, easy and fast, why not?

Key feather of IPhone ringtone maker:

Create customize iPhone ringtone IPhone ringtone maker can create iPhone ringtone from any other kind formats of audio files, including MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, OGG, M4A, RA, RAM, AC3, MP2, etc.
IPhone ringtone maker can convert video to iPhone ringtone, including AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV, MKV, H.264/MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, MOV, RM, RMVB, M4V, VOB, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, H.264, QT, MPV, etc.
IPhone ringtone maker can convert DVD to iPhone M4R.
IPhone ringtone maker can get any clip from video, audio, and DVD.
More attractive feathers
Using iPhone ringtone maker, you can manage to edit the added ringtone by remove it or rename it directly.
Using iPhone ringtone maker, you can compose your own music as ringtone for your iPhone, and you don't have to be good at music to do that.
Using iPhone ringtone maker, you can pre-listen the sound of the video or audio sources and the converted ringtone before the ringtone is generated.
If you like some slip of song, iPhone ringtone maker can set the exact start time and stop time to get the right segment of the music with accuracy up to a hundredth of a second.
IPhone ringtone maker support interface languages: English, German, Japanese, and Chinese.

System requirements

IPhone ringtone maker should be used under the system situation of Microsoft? Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista. IPhone ringtone maker should be used under the systems which have 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above.
IPhone ringtone maker should be used under the systems with 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)
IPhone ringtone maker should be used under the system with free hard stick more than 50MB space for installation.
IPhone ringtone maker should be used under the system with Super VGA (800¡Á600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher.
Create your ringtone, create your life.
Today, the use of iPhone and iPhone ringtone maker are some kind of culture. It embodies beauty of course, and the connecting between people, and then the hope for a brighter future. It delivers a massage: just be yourself, do things you really want to, and enjoy your life.