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iPod Transfer iPod to Computer

Why do we need iPod transfer?

Games, music, videos, photos and EBooks in Apple devices gives users a lot of fun, users can buy them in iTunes shop, or transfer them from PC to iPod by iTunes. Have you thought about the reverse transfer: from iPod to PC? In that case, you’ll able to get what your friends have in their iPod for free. Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t serve this kind of function. So questions like below may come up to your mind.

There are some amazing videos in you iPod. How can you enjoy or save them in your PC?

There are some books and photos in your friend’s iPod. Which is the simplest way to copy them to your iPod?

IPod transfer is the right and simplest answer of both questions above. Connect you iPod with PC, run iPod trasfer, copy now, files in PC. Then transfer to other devices by iTunes if you want to. Procedures are simple and definitely worth try.

What is E-Zsoft iPod transfer?

High transfer speed and user-oriented design distinguish E-Zsoft iPod transfer from all other iPod transfers. Besides, E-Zsoft iPod transfer enables you to transfer music and videos all in one. E-Zsoft iPod transfer can also sync iPod playlists back to iTunes at the same time.

E-Zsoft iPod transfer is easy to use, but it can bring great convenience to iPod users. The great experience of E-Zsoft in Apple related area ensure that E-Zsoft iPod transfer worth your trust. Besides, E-Zsoft iPod transfer is free to download and try.

So do not hesitate, Download iPod Transfer and start transfer iPod music files to your computer now!

iPod Transfer - Key Features

  • Transfer music, photos, videos from Apple devices to PC, reverse transfer of iTunes.
  • iPod + iPhone + iPad transfer all in one, one software for all Apple devices.
  • Capable of syncing playlists from iPod to iTunes, regulate your iTunes library basing on iPod.
  • Save files all in one or by specified album and artist, transfer whatever you want and arrange them in order.
  • Making any Apple devices a portable hard disk, so you can carry any files without effect on normal use.
  • User-friendly and fairness interfaces makes the transfer process easy and interesting.
  • Highest transfer speed without losing any quality of audio and video files, transfer with excellent performance.
  • Clear playlist and file search ability enable you to find the file you want in the least time.
  • Support all types of iPod, iPhone and iPad, including the latest types.
  • Support all operating system, including window7/Vista/XP/2000/9X etc.
  • Support 64 bits windows system.
  • Taking TV shows on iPod to a bigger screen--- enjoying them by computers is another available choice.
  • Copy your favorite podcasts from iPod to PC, precious memories will be safer by saved in more then one place.
  • Transfer iTunes U files from iPod to PC, learning famous lectures everywhere including on PC.
  • Support Media sharing, which ensure you get full control of the files transfered.
  • Great news for fans of Apple, iPod transfer supports all IOS devices, it was designed for all Apple devices.
  • Free to download, nothing to lose.
  • No adware/spyware/virus guarantee.
  • 24 hours online technic and service support,
  • Life time upgrade for free.   

Reverse transfer of iTunes: iPod to PC

iPod transfer make up the transfer function iTunes doesn’t and won’t have, from iPod to PC. Maybe to eliminate copy of evaluable resources and encourage users download and pay for them in iTunes store, iTunes choose not to support the transfer from iPod to PC, which brings inconvenient to iPod users. Apple devices related software developers work hard to solve this problem, iPod transfer come up to be their answer.

Save your money by sharing the resources in friends’ iPod for free

iPod transfer make the transfer from iPod to PC available, the resources in iPod can be copied to PC, then free to exchange with other PC or Apple devices. It may be not that wonderful for iTunes sellers, but definitely great news to users, exchange resources with friends can obviously save users’ money from buying resources in iPod.

Keep your favorite videos in PC

This isn’t the main purpose of iPod transfer, but virtually means a lot for collectors or people who believe in ‘don’t put all the eggs in the same basket’. This software makes Apple users free to locate files anywhere they want to. iPod transfer also helps you arrange content in iPod, save your favorite in the past in PC, then delete them, only keep those you really want to enjoy now.

High transfer speed and user-oriented design make E-Zsoft transfer stand out from others

Except the main function of iPod transfer, additional performances such as transfer speed and design of interfaces of install, transfer and uninstall are also important to users. E-Zsoft iPod transfer has high transfer speed, clear and simple interfaces, which enable users to finish transfer in the shortest time with least effort. Great technic support can help users to solve any kind of problem about this software, which guarantee iPod transfer run perfect.

Worth your trust with long history in Apple related area and millions fans all over the world

E-Zsoft iPod transfer have distinguished develop team and support team who have worked in this area for years, which guarantee E-Zsoft users with great performance and sweet services. E-Zsoft Corporate has long and great history with numberless rewards and millions of fans. These successes encourage us developing new products for Apple users, which is how iPod transfer was born.

  • Support Device List

    • Device iPod shuffle iPod Nano iPod

  • iPod Transfer - Screenshot

    • iPod Transfer STD Version iPod Transfer Pro version No iPod Device Exporting music from ipod to computer
      STD Pro No Device Exporting
  • Download iPod Transfer Software

    • Size:                  2.1 M
      Version:           4.0
      Platforms:       Win 7/Vista/XP/2000/98
      Release Date: Octo 01, 2014
  • Free Download Now!Vista Compatible
  • HOWTO transfer Audio/Video from iPod to your computer?

    • To use iPod transfer is very easy. you only take few steps to finish copy music and video from Apple iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano and transfer to computer
    • Connect your iPod device to your computer
    • Run iPod to Computer Transfer Standard or Pro version
    • Select music via playlist or search
    • Click on the export button, select a output path to transfer
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